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Giuc Tuong Kindergarten in Kien Giang Province

Monday, March 28th, 2016

On Feb 20, 2016, VNHelp opened another school – Giuc Tuong Kindergarten in Kien Giang Province. VNHelp’s Executive Director, Thu Do, Mr. Huong Le of Lee Laundromat and Rotary Club of San Jose attended the opening ceremony. There were a a hug e crowd of students and parents joining the ceremony and they were all so excited about this new school.

1915566_701590659983034_3663687261339078518_n        12821612_701590823316351_6743077137816923667_n

                  Children performing at the ceremony                                                      Cute faces!  

1625764_701592213316212_5113302501864099786_n        984112_701591769982923_3049447647702993795_n

              Sponsors handing out backpacks to students                                   Ribbon cutting ceremony 


VNHelp opened 2 new schools in Feb 2016

Friday, March 18th, 2016

On Feb 19, VNHelp opened one new school, and on Feb 20 VNHelp opened another one. The constructions of these schools were funded by Mr Huong Le with the dollar-to-dollar matching fund from VNHelp. The furniture, internal equipment, and playground equipment were purchased by the fund from the Rotary Club of San Jose. Mr. Huong Le represents Lee Laundromat, of which he is the owner. Mrs. Jean Rose represents the Rotary Club of San Jose. The students, teachers, parents, and local officials were so happy and appreciated the new schools.

10441247_698950096913757_7806567252975206891_n    12800339_698950403580393_2863720615943871720_n

                       Huong gave backpacks to students                     Thu is handing out a cash gift to 12 teachers

10628362_698948670247233_6397394953827443806_n    10391487_698949273580506_4472361689402920678_n

            VNHelp logo at the roof of the school                                                Excited about the new school!      


A New School in An Phu

Monday, October 21st, 2013

On Oct.1, the new An Phu Primary School officially opened its doors to students and community members after construction was completed in September. The new school has five classrooms for students from grades 1 to 5, a staff room, lavatories (which, unfortunately, are still lacking in manyVietnamese schools), and new furnishings.

An Phu is located north of Saigon, close to Vietnam’s border with Cambodia. Many of the students are ethnically Cambodian, which makes them ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Our hope is that this new school will play a part in closing the education gap between Vietnam’s ethnic minorities and the majority Viet Kinh population. We want these children to be able to pursue early education, helping them succeed later in life.

A big thanks goes out to the Nepheli Foundation for their generosity in supporting this project. Check out some of the photos below:


Evolution of a School: Lam Dong Elementary Opens in Minh Rong!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013


VNHELP recently completed the construction of Lam Dong Elementary, and the school held its opening ceremony in March. Students migrated from their old school to the new one. The day was captured in photos. View the slideshow below to see the evolution of a school–Lam Dong from start to finish!


Project Update: School in Son La Completed!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Back in May, VNHELP wrote about the start of a new school construction project in Son La province. Construction actually began in March, and six months later, in September, the school was completed! The timing was perfect–just when the fall school season was about to go in session. The school is now a place where young primary-school aged children are learning writing, maths, and other important creative and critical thinking skills. We’re looking forward to seeing how the school’s presence will brighten up these children’s futures!

The school’s specific location is Pa Che Village, home to many ethnic minority groups.