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Mua Tho Cho Em 2012, Northern California Style! Recap

VNHELP hosted the first of two Mua Thu Cho Em fundraising concerts for this year on October 7th. The concert took place at the Santa Clara Convention to a packed house, with people of all backgrounds coming together to enjoy a night of culture and charity. See for yourself in the snapshot below!

Can you find yourself in the crowd?

The performers for the evening were Thu Phuong, Ha Anh Tuan, and Quang Linh. Each brought their own element to the stage to that night: Thu Phuong her playful banter, Ha Anh Tuan his powerful vocals, and Quang Linh his sincere renditions of  modern classics. They were well-received by the audience. Check out some of the comments we received after the show!

Having all 3 singers in the first song was excellent.  I’m instantly hooked & [it] gave me a great first impression. Ha Anh Tuan, Thu Phuong & Quang Linh’s voices complimented each other very well.The individual performances were good, but I enjoyed the duets & trio performances even more.
– guest of a VNHELP board member

Wow! Must see! Thanks chi Anh Thu Do, VNHelp Board members and supporters for another wonderful and meaningful event.
– Dave Cung, via Facebook

” This concert was a wonderful show. The singers’ song introductions & performances were excellent. The sound system & lighting were perfect. Congratulations to VNHELP for a job well done.”
– guest of a VNHELP board member

Check out the pictures of the event as well. These were shared with us by Anhtuan Truong of the Toon Pix Photography.

Volunteers greet our guest at the auditorium entrance.

As you enter, you can pick up a program book to preview what the night holds for you!

The night opens with a performance from the wonderful trio.

…But not before Executive Director Thu Anh Do and Chairman of the Board Thang Do take a moment to talk a little bit about VNHELP and thank the many sponsors who made this charity concert possible.

Two vocal powerhouses, Thu Phuong and Ha Anh Tuan, sing a duet together.

Ever the passionate singer, Ha Anh Tuan stunned many of the audience members with his poignant solos.

Singer Quang Linh truly re-invented himself that night. Many audience members related that they had only known Quang Linh as a folk-style singer, but at Mua Thu Cho Em, Quang Linh blew audience members away with the range of musical genres and emotional depth of his singing.

Songstress Thu Phuong has a playful side to her too!

Quang Linh and Thu Phuong find their harmony.

The audience was also greatly amused by the onstage visuals ;)

Thu Phuong had movement and flare.

Towards the end of the show, the trio took song requests for the audience.

At times, the audience had a rollicking good time, and at times the audience was moved to tears. But the best part was that it was all for a good cause.

Our Southern California was last night (October 14th), so come back soon for another recap!


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