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Our Sponsors

VNHELP would like to thank all the foundations and individual donors who continue to support us throughout the years. You make our mission possible. We also want to acknowledge the sponsors of VNHELP’s annual “Mua Thu Cho Em” fundraising concert. This concert is our largest fundraising event for the year, and much effort goes into making it happen. We are blessed to have such wonderful volunteers and generous sponsors as part of our yearly tradition. Please check out the information of our Mua Thu Cho Em 2013 sponsors by clicking on their names and logos below.

Thomas & Cam Trang Nguyen
(Fountain Valley, CA)
Van-Hanh Nguyen, CPA
(Oakland, CA)


Tuanh Tonnu, MD
(Gaithersburg, MD)
David Hughes, DDS
(Milpitas, CA)



Do Le & Co

Itop Management LLC
(Mr. & Mrs. Minh Anh Pham)


Tue & Quyen Nguyen
Redwood City, CA


Hiep & My-Xuan Ho

Xe Do Hoang Transportation
Hao Quach
(San Jose, CA)


Mai Bui & Long Tran
(Milpitas, CA)
Khoi Nguyen – Pacificwide Realty & Mortgages
Westcoast Precision, Inc.


California Sausage #2

Law Office of Tran Khanh Hung
(Westminster, CA)



Vision Insight Optometry
Kim P. Tran
(Saratoga, CA)
Pho Kim Quy Restaurant
(Westminster, CA)


JTB Autotech
(Fremont, CA)
Valley Residential Mortgage
(San Jose, CA)
 Euclid Optometry
(Garden Grove, CA)


 Milpitas Massage College
(Milpitas, CA)
Chieu-Uyen Le & Long Nguyen
(San Jose, CA)
Father Joseph Nguyen
(Norwalk, CA)


Bill & Christine King
(Concord, CA)
HPT Realty
Tuan Hoang Nguyen, DDS


Chi Luu & Nhan Do
(Saratoga, CA)
Duc Ho Do, MD, FACE
(Newport Beach, CA)
Toan & Tao To
(Milpitas, CA)



We hope you’ll join our list of concert sponsors for 2013. Please see the concert page with details about sponsorship here!

A Word From Our Donors

Ms. Mai Dolch, a longtime supporter of VNHELP, shares her reasons for choosing to pursue her philanthropic passions with VNHELP.

I lost my husband, Volker Dolch, 8 years ago. He left a big hole in my heart. After he was gone, I needed to find a new focus to fill the emptiness and to heal my heart. I started looking for a charitable organization to work with and found VNHELP. Several things attracted me to get involved with VNHELP. They maintain a very low overhead so most of our contributions go directly to the projects we fund. Secondly I was intrigued with Thu Do and the board of directors for their effort to grow the organization and make it run smoothly and efficiently. I am committed to continuing my support of VNHELP as long as I am able. I ask that all of you make a similar commitment. One person cannot do it alone but together we can make significant changes that impact the lives of so many people. I hope you find giving as rewarding as I do.

(September 2011)

Ms. Van-Hanh Nguyen talks about her 20+ year commitment to VNHELP

I’ve known VNHELP since its inception, 20 years ago. In the beginning, as a CPA, I volunteered to be their accountant so I can attest to the transparency of this organization. I know for a fact that all of the funds raised for VNHELP have gone directly to its cause. There have been instances where I had a chance to go back to Vietnam to visit VNHELP projects without notifying them ahead of time. I was very impressed that the money coming from generous donors had been spent in a very efficient way.

(September 2011)