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$115,000 Surprise Gift to VNHelp


VNHelp, Milpitas CA:  In Februrary 2017, VNHelp received a gift of over $115,000 from family and friends of the late Mrs. Cuong Thi Phan of Oakland, California. Mrs. Phan passed away on February 9. She was 92 years old and survived by 10 children, their spouses, 24 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her eldest son and a daughter. According to the wish of Mrs. Phan, her family requested donations to be made to VNHelp or IRCC/Viet Museum in San Jose to commemorate her life.  As the result, donors have contributed over $115,000 to VNHelp and $101,000 to IRCC/VietMuseum.

VNHelp has received in memoriam donations in the past, but never this large. The donations were welcomed gifts to the receiving charities and a great surprise to the family, including Mrs. Phan’s daughter Thu Anh Do, VNHelp’s Executive Director.  “My entire family was surprised and tremendously moved by the outpouring of love from our friends and community. We especially thank Mr. De Huynh and Mrs. Chanh Que On, our family friends who donated $200,000 in memory of our Mother.  We are very pleased to be able to direct this gift to the charities of my mother’s choice,” said Ms. Do.

An immigrant from Vietnam who survived decades of war and hardship, Mrs. Phan arrived in the U.S. in 1991.  After the Vietnam war ended in 1975, her husband spent ten years in a reeducation camp. During this period, Mrs. Phan dedicatedly supported her husband and twelve children through the difficult times and separation until the family reunited in the USA. Family members recalled that she led a frugal but generous life, preferring to give what she had for others, particularly those in need. Mrs. Phan promoted charity work throughout her life and encouraged her children to do the same. “My mother is a true role model for me in her commitment to charity.  The donations  are a wonderful    way to honor her kindness,” said Ms. Do. She hopes that the gifts demonstrate the power of giving when a community comes together to celebrate the life of a loved one.

VNHelp is non-profit that assists disadvantaged people in Vietnam to achieve self-sufficiency through sustainable solutions in the areas of education, health, children and economic development.  The organization is based in Milpitas with branches in Vietnam. Contact VNHelp at: (408) 586-8100, thu@vnhelp.org


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