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New houses from VNHELP

We recently visited three families who received a new house from VNHelp in October 2016. The house construction was sponsored by Mr. Huong Le (Lee’s Laundromat) and Mrs. Mai Ngoc Ly, both live in San Jose. These “poorest of the poor” families in Kien Giang Province used to live in a dilapidated thatch house which could collapse anytime. Please find below some photos of the three houses before and after construction and a video of a beneficiary.

Unsafe housing condition is a common problem for the poor in the country side of Vietnam. Each new house as you see in the photos cost about $2,000. Whenever VNHelp can find a sponsor, we will build a house for a family. In order to qualify for our housing program, the applicants must be from poor families with children or elders. In 2015, we built five houses by the sponsorship of Mr. Mike Fulton, San Jose.


Dang Thi Be - Before 1 Dang Thi Be - After

The house of Mrs. Đặng Thị Bé before and after construction

Nguyen Huu Du - Before Nguyen Huu Du - After

The house of Nguyen Huu Du before and after construction

Nguyen Van Viet - Before 2 Nguyen Van Viet - after  

The house of Nguyễn Văn Việt before and after construction



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