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Scholarship for Low-income Students

Monday, November 6th, 2017


In September 2017, in partnership with the Gia Long/Minh Khai High School Alumni Group and with Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Phát triển Bền Vững, 60 scholarships were given to students at Minh Khai High School in Saigon and 10 scholarships were given to college students in Hanoi. Coming soon in December, about 800 additional college students will receive scholarships from our Nguyen Truong To Scholarship Program.

We believe that the opportunity to receive a college education should not be dependent on one’s ability to pay, which is why we provide four-year scholarships to university students from impoverished backgrounds. We work directly with several Vietnamese universities to screen scholarship candidates and follow their successes. We welcome donors who wish to sponsor students through their college years.



A New School in Nam Định

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


Our on-going school construction program continues to build kindergarten and primary schools in impoverished communities. In August 2017, with the donation from Son Nam Charity Group and VNHelp’s dollar-to-dollar matching fund, we completed the construction for a new kindergarten in Trà Thượng commune, Xuân Trường Town, and Nam Định Province. The school has four fully furnished classrooms and a teacher’s room. We work with locals to ensure that they can maintain the schools after our construction crews leave.

KIND Gala 2017

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Per the popular demand for an elegant evening with dinner and dance, VNHelp once again offers KIND Gala to our supporters and friends. Join us for a delightful dinner, dancing & entertaining night on Sat 11/11/17, benefiting humanitarian programs in Vietnam. See  photos of KIND Gala 2016 here.


Mùa Thu Cho Em on Viễn Đông Newspaper

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Please check out an article about Mùa Thu Cho Em on Viễn Đông Newspaper which is based in Orange County, California. The article was published on Saturday, 09/09. Here is the online version.

Đây là bài báo viết về Mùa Thu Cho Em xuất bản ngày 9/9 từ Báo Viễn Đông tại Orange County. Vui lòng nhấn vào đây để đọc bài báo điện tử .

2015 News and Activities

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

August 2015 Vietnam Trip Report

We had a big group this year travelling to Viet Nam for charity. Besides our regular companion, Kathy Nguyen, Nga and Liem’s family of 4 also joint us. We visited 7 orphanages: Thien Binh, Tu Hanh, Vinh Phuoc, Pho Hien, Hoa Yen, Ngoc Tuyen and Ngoc Hoan. As last year, we awarded the children who did well in school last year with gifts and treats for all the children. There are many special events during this trip:

Thien Binh orphanage has a new English teacher: Tai Le. Tai is a retired mechanical engineer who relocated to Viet Nam this year. He was a very generous donor and is continuing his charity mission, supporting orphans. We met our long-time generous donor for the first time in Viet Nam. Besides teaching English 3 days per week, he is also translator for tour group visiting Thien Binh, assisting in Sponsor-A-Child paper work, general helping in garden, kitchen, and yard. H4VO would like to acknowledge and thank Tai for his contributions.

Five medical students from Creteil University, Paris, came to stay at Thien Binh orphanage from August 1 until 19. They volunteer to stay at Thien Binh (no AC) for almost 3 weeks. They involve in all activities at Thien Binh. Their supports include: – Sponsor the trip to Vung Tau for 90 children from 2 to 18 year-old. It was so much fun, we highly recommend for everyone to become life-guard for 90 children for couple hours. – Financial support for building a house for mentally challenged girls. They also help with painting and breaking bricks for raised floor. The house was completed while they are there. – Many activities: taking care of babies, art, playing balls, kitchen helps, …
Despite being bitten by mosquitos so many times, they still prefer to stay at Thien Binh rather than a hotel. I saw so many happy faces at Thien Binh with definitely many tears when it is time to leave. We appreciate these 5 students for spending time to care for the orphans.

Four years ago, Kathy Nguyen, a young person, found us online and decided to join us on our charity trip to Viet Nam. She spent 5 full days volunteering at Thien Binh orphanage, visited many other orphanages, children hospital, leprosy village, metal institutes. She has come back to Viet Nam 3 more trips to do the same thing again. She is very good with the children and they are longing to see her every year. Her level of contribution increases every year. Kathy’s family donates $1200 on this trip. Half is buying necessities for the orphanages, a quarter is for “bun thit nuong and xa xi” treats for the children and elders, and the rest is for school supply. She is like our daughter now, an adult adopted child!

On this last trip, Jasmine Nguyen, a youth, first time in Viet Nam, spent many days at orphanages. Jasmine met her sponsored child, Tang Nhu Nha, at Tu Hanh orphanage, a happy moment for both. Jasmine is also very enthusiastic doing volunteered work at orphanages. The children love her and look forward to see her again. Despite with multiple mosquito bites on the first day, she thinks that it is a privilege to volunteer at the orphanages. Kathy and Jasmine tested the children English with “hang-man” game. She spent her saved allowance to buy new sandals for the children; their shoes were old, torn, or non-existence. Jasmine’s dream is to come back and volunteer at orphanages again. She is now learning Vietnamese with intensity! Jasmine also volunteers in the U.S., setting up online photo albums for Sponsor-A-Child program.

Volunteer work is very addicting, gratifying, and fun!!!

H4VO salutes the young people with big heart and willingness to be friend and provide hopes for the orphans.
Our flight got delayed due to typhoon in Taiwan but it is rewarded by meeting aboutMEMO.org group on an additional trip back to Thien Binh. A big cheer is for aboutMEMO.org for dental and medical mission at Thien Binh orphanage. Thanks to 50+ volunteered dentists, doctors, and students from UC San Diego, Irvine, and Los Angeles, all the children got medical and dental check-up. There were many tooth filling and pulling, and many tears. It is great to have the outreach support to give orphans better lives and future.

And most of all, we would like to thank all of you who have been supporting H4VO mission for all these years. Without your support, none of these successes would have been possible. Sincerely,