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Cung cấp nước sạch tại bản Pache’

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Read the English version of this post here.


Chuyện kể bởi Bùi Đức Hợp

Ông Bùi Đức Hợp là đại diện nhóm Thiện Nguyện Sơn Nam tại Mỹ. 


Bringing Clean Water to Pa Che

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Read the Vietnamese version of this post here.

Hop Duc Bui, a retired engineer now residing in San Jose, CA, recently co-funded a water project in Pa Che with his colleagues at the Son Nam Charitable Group and the Yahoo! Employee Foundation. He compiled this story based on project reports from Vietnam and shares it with you.


Yahoo! for Clean Water in Vietnam

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

VNHELP is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as a $5000 “quick-grant” recipient by the Yahoo Employee Foundation. $5000 is the maximum awarded for quick grants. The Yahoo! grant will go towards funding our clean water projects in Vietnam.  With so many of Vietnam’s rural poor still obtaining water from unsanitary sources, ensuring that all citizens can access clean water for their consumption and living needs will be a challenge for Vietnam’s future development. So thank you Yahoo! and Yahoo! employees, for enabling VNHELP to connect poor households with the water they need to live healthy, productive lives. Rest assured that someone’s life will change for the better as a result of your generosity.