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Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts in Vietnam

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Although Vietnam escaped Typhoon Haiyan relatively unscathed compared to the destruction that tragically wrought the Philippines, there were still many people in central Vietnam whose lives and livelihood were devastated by the event.

VNHELP initially wasn’t sure if we had the resources to help the typhoon victims in Vietnam, but thankfully, with support from the Compassionate Service Society, the Quy Nhon Charitable Association, and individual donors, we pooled together enough funds to go in and make a true difference.

We’ve been helping typhoon victims with food and financial assistance, and we’ve been checking in to see if we can play a role in recovery efforts. It’s humbling to see the light of hope return to people’s eyes as they realize help is there for them. We’ll update this post as more info about the relief efforts comes in from Vietnam, but for now, check out some of the pictures below!

Relief 1

People waited patiently for assistance.

Relief 2

They were kind and helped us keep track of what was being distributed.

Relief 3

Relief 4

Many of the people we helped were elderly; they would have had a very hard time getting back on their feet otherwise.

Relief 5

Great to see a smile on this gentleman’s face again.

Relief 6

Relief 7

Relief 9

Relief 10

Relief 8

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers and project coordinators who were there to take care of the distribution logistics!