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Yahoo Employee Foundation’s grants to VNHelp

It takes 10 minutes to drive from Piedmont Hills High School on White Road to VNHelp office on Calaveras Blvd. Jerry Yang–a Piedmont Hills graduate–co-founded Yahoo in 1994 with David Filo; VNHelp was incorporated in 1991.

In 2012, Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF)–a charitable foundation 100% funded by Yahoo employees—wrote the very first check of $6,000 to VNHelp.

In 2014, Thu Do (Executive Director of VNHelp) and Xuan Duong (VNHelp volunteer, Yahoo employee) each had only 2 minutes to tell the charity boards at Yahoo what VNHelp could do if receiving a YEF grant. After a session of Q/A and employee-based votes, Yahoo issued a check of $50,000. Since then we–VNHELPers –continued to gain YEF’s confidence, proving that we conducted effectively and made impactful use of their funding.

In 2017, while Yahoo! is fading away in the hi-tech world from Verizon’s purchase, YEF leaves a legacy behind as one of the strong supporters of VNHelp. YEF’s up-coming paycheck of $70,000 will arrive at VNHelp office anytime this month as their last gesture of benevolence. On behalf of VNHelp beneficiaries, we would like to thank you, YEF, for your kind heart and your professional mind. You leave behind a legacy and a friendship that we cherish forever.

Charities never die nor fade away; they live on as legacies.

(Reported by Phi Nguyen)

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