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Vocational Training Cycle 3 Wraps Up

Congratulations to the 30 youths who took part in our third motorbike vocational training cycle! The 30 youths underwent 390 hours of practical training and 150 hours of theoretical training as part of an intensive mechanics training course. All 30 students made it through the course and many of them have already secured employment with their new-found skills. Big props to these youths for their patience and hard work. We’re wishing them a bright future while keeping up with the fourth cohort of students who began their training on September 15th! See more pictures after the jump!



The students are enthusiastic and eager to learn.


The instructors are hands-on and  happy to teach.


Students learn many aspects of motorbike mechanics. After they complete the course, they are adept at repairing and refurbishing both manual and automatic transmission bikes.


A group photo.


Practice makes perfect.


There’s a lot to learn, so they work solo and together.


From outside the school. It looks so peaceful and quiet doesn’t it?

Voc 2

But inside it’s a hub of activity as curious minds learn new skills for a new career.

Thanks to these 30 youths for being great students. We’re going to keep improving the program with their input.

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