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Giuc Tuong Kindergarten in Kien Giang Province

On Feb 20, 2016, VNHelp opened another school – Giuc Tuong Kindergarten in Kien Giang Province. VNHelp’s Executive Director, Thu Do, Mr. Huong Le of Lee Laundromat and Rotary Club of San Jose attended the opening ceremony. There were a a hug e crowd of students and parents joining the ceremony and they were all so excited about this new school.

1915566_701590659983034_3663687261339078518_n        12821612_701590823316351_6743077137816923667_n

                  Children performing at the ceremony                                                      Cute faces!  

1625764_701592213316212_5113302501864099786_n        984112_701591769982923_3049447647702993795_n

              Sponsors handing out backpacks to students                                   Ribbon cutting ceremony 


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