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Health Clinic Visit

On January 13, 2017, VNHELP staff visited Chan Ly Health Clinic in Ha Nam Province. This clinic received medical equipment from VNHelp in 2013. The equipment was purchased by a grant from the Rotary Club of San Jose which included a ultrasound machine, a blood testing machine, a urine testing machine, desktop computers, and a printer, etc. All equipment has been used effectively to serve patients and is in good condition. In this recent trip, VNHelp also donated a new autoclave sterilizer, which is much needed. VNHelp often conducts visit to places where we provided help in the past to evaluate the long term results of our projects. Check out the photo of the visit here.

sonogram scanner Printer and laptops

Medical Scanner DSC_0042

Urine - blood testing machine VNHELP's Local Coordinator - Cuong Chi Nguyen meeting with the clinic staff

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